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Stylish Hypoallergenic Jewelry

A family-owned business dedicated to creating stylish, affordable, and nickel-free jewelry.

Thoughtfully Crafted and Allergy Free

Our mission is to offer stylish, affordable, thoughtfully designed jewelry to the modern jewelry wearer with metal allergies.


Made in USA



Stylish Designs For Sensitive Skin + Allergies

Our jewelry is made of safe and pure metals with the mission to provide hypoallergenic pieces for allergy sufferers and beyond. Each piece is thoughtfully designed and offered at an affordable price-point. Nickel allergies or not, we have something for you!

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Family First No Matter What

We founded DaniJack Designs to allow our family to spend more quality time together. As a long-haul truck driver, JR spends up to 6 days and nights away from the family. We started DaniJack Designs to build a company that is inclusive and family oriented, working together to provide stylish and fun jewelry to people with metal allergies, just like our daughter, Dani.

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Hypoallergenic + Thoughtfully Sourced Materials

We partner with small USA based family businesses to source the best nickel-free materials. Not only are our materials, titanium and anodized aluminum, hypoallergenic, but we strive to use as many recycled materials as possible—down to the earrings cards your jewelry comes on!

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Behind The Scenes at DaniJack Designs
Behind The Scenes at DaniJack Designs

Take a look at what really goes into our designs!

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Why We Started DaniJack Designs
Why We Started DaniJack Designs

Spending more time together was just the beginning of the conversation.

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