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Why We Started DaniJack Designs

Why We Started DaniJack Designs

I’ve been a long-haul truck driver for 16 years, and I’ve been driving with my cousin for the last 13. I love this career, but it demands that I am away from my family more than I’d like—up to six days a week. When my wife, Becca, and I met, family quickly became our number one. On multiple occasions through the course of our relationship, we’ve picked up our lives to take care of our new extended family. When we decided to grow our family, Dani and Jack quickly became the absolute lights of our lives.

dani and jack

Jack and Dani


Dani began to ask how we could spend more time together as a family. Becca and I have worked hard to show up as role models and demonstrate what hard work looks like to Dani and Jack, but I understood what she was saying because I, too, wish I could spend more time with the family. This was the beginning of the conversation around building a family business which led to DaniJack Designs.

dani of danijack designs

Dani -- no training wheels!


I explained the importance of a business solving a problem to the kids. Dani suffers from metal allergies, so it didn’t take long to focus on this as our problem to solve. Dani has always struggled with the fact she couldn’t wear “cute” earrings like her friends, and frankly, the hypoallergenic earrings on the market were really expensive. Affordable, hypoallergenic, and stylish were prerequisites for our designs from the very beginning, and we’ve delivered! 

top selling earrings

One of our top selling designs.


We’re so excited about our products, and we know you will be, too! Please support by following us on Facebook and Instagram and placing your first order.

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