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About Us

DaniJack Designs is a small family-owned business based in southwest Illinois. We put family first, no matter what, which is why we started DaniJack Designs in the first place. As a long-haul truck driver, JR spends up to six days a week away from his family. Along with his children, Dani and Jack, and his wife, Becca, he developed DaniJack Designs as a way to spend more meaningful time together, teach valuable lessons about entrepreneurship to his children, and offer a fun solution to a common issue that Dani faces — metal allergies. While other hypoallergenic jewelry exists, Dani couldn’t find earrings that were stylish, kind to her allergies, and at a price point that felt practical. The solution? Stylish nickel-free jewelry at an affordable price brought to you by DaniJack Designs. 



The core values of DaniJack Designs align with the core values of our family. We care about creating safe, high-quality, and stylish jewelry. If you have a nickel allergy or sensitive skin, you deserve jewelry that lets you express yourself. Shop with us and learn why so many customers rely on DaniJack Designs for beautiful allergy safe jewelry.